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Grace sufficient

“I hate myself.” “I have no hope.  I have no future.” “I’m so ashamed.” “I

Surviving Coffee Time

I love church.  And I love coffee. But post-church coffee? Terrifying. It’s not the people.  Individually,

Redemption Song

Here’s an interview I did for Songs of Praise, (my bit’s about ten mins in).

Cull Your Friends?

Here’s the theory.  Christmas is approaching. Cards are expensive – and friends can be too. But

Parenting Porkies

At this stage in pregnancy, I’m thinking less of perfect parenting than damage limitation. I keep

Hold On

There are lots of things we might be tempted to give up on: looking for a

Unexpected Answers

God’s time-frame is not ours. And sometimes, He answers our prayers, a little later than we expect. When I