The Price of Perfection

Women who undergo plastic surgery have a much higher risk of killing themselves, say experts in the journal, Current Psychiatry Reports.

Cosmetic surgery patients also had a three-times higher rate of death due to self-harming acts, such as binge-drinking, drug overdoses and reckless driving. Their conclusions were based on five large-scale, independent studies, which found that the suicide rate is up to three times higher in women who have had breast implants.

Another report published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also found that in eight out of ten cosmetic surgery practices, former patients had developed post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety.

In some senses it is a chicken-egg situation. Many people with psychological problems such as body dysmorphic disorder, turn to plastic surgery for a solution. However, some women also have unrealistic expectations about what surgery will achieve and find themselves signing up to more and more in a bid to improve their appearance. Added to this the fact that half of all women would consider cosmetic surgery and we’ve got a serious problem.

Three years ago, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS – you couldn’t make it up!) launched a campaign to halt bad practice, such as bonus cards and Buy One Get One Free offers. However, the association — which represents about a third of cosmetic surgeons — is not a regulatory body and has no powers to take action.

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