Broken Mirrors

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning, is to look in the mirror.  It’s not a pretty sight.  And often, I’ll base my day on what I see – if I’ve slept well and my hair’s reasonably flat, it’s a good day and I feel good.  If I’ve forgotten to take off my makeup and  look like a fraggle, I feel rubbish.

But there are more mirrors around us than the ones on our dressing tables – reflections, from other people and the world that tell us who we are.  Problem is, they’re not always honest. Sometimes they tell us lies about who we are and what we’re worth.

To start with, there’s family – whether you’re a  black sheep or a golden girl, a child prodigy or a dirty secret .  Hopefully you’ll have got some good messages from your kin – but not necessarily.  Parents make mistakes.  Brothers and sisters can be cruel. Wives nag.  Husbands can be harsh.  Kids can take you for granted, throwing food and love back in your face.

Then there’s friends. I don’t know your situation.  You might have billions of ’em – or hardly any.  But even when we do get them,we let each other down.  We hide behind masks. We argue and make up. Love them as we do, if we are just what our friends think, we’re a (missed) birthday away from big trouble.

What about my clothes? Am I a stained pair of tracksuit pants? Or a shiny new suit? Maybe I need to listen to Gillian McKeith. Maybe I am what I poo…

Then there’s the religious approach. Maybe I am how often I read the Bible.  Whether I help with the tea rota.  Or how I’m dealing with a particular sin. Speaking from personal experience, this is not looking good. Worse still, neither am I.

Perhaps it comes down to this.  Whether I think I’m hotter than Lady Gaga or uglier than ET, too often I’m listening to every verdict except the one that matters.

I am not what my friends say.

I am not my ‘good’ or ‘bad’ deeds.

I am not my family’s opinion.

I am not my diet.

I am who Jesus says I am. And that’s this:






Loved and secure. Independent of performance. Because here’s the truth – to see who I am, I look at Him.

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