See what I’ve done there?  With the title?  Not horo. Horror.  I’m a GENIUS.

But it’s not all bad. Reading the stars, I mean. After all, the universe  tells us huge truths about what really matters .  But maybe the real questions  are these: who is it referring  to and how do we listen?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all too interested in me.  Despite this, I’m  not persuaded  that the cosmos centres  around my love-life or choice of breakfast cereal. (Unless  of course, it’s a toss-up between Weetabix and Crunchy-nut.  Definitely one for the Great Bear).

Similarly, have the planets  aligned simply to announce that  I will get a parking space? Or a gift from Great Aunt Ellen? Do I really require the mediation services of Justin Toper?  Was there a time when Russell Grant was not? And if so, how did the ancients understand the phrases ‘Tall dark stranger’ or ‘lottery rollover’?

Plus there’s the niggly issue of the Bible. Don’t go poking around in astrology, it says – but not, I suspect, because the universe speaks bunkum.  Rather, it’s like Homer Simpson manning the nuclear power plant. ‘ Step away from the lights and walk towards the doughnuts, human.  You don’t know what you’ll messing with’.

Those wise men for example.  They didn’t buy their qualifications online.  And they didn’t scan the night sky for tips on the 2.14 at Aintree.  Instead, God spoke to them.  He pointed them to the star.  It wasn’t a coded message to change their moisturiser.  It was the birth all creation had been waiting for. It was about Jesus.

Nor is this surprising.  After all, life is about one thing only –   knowing Him.  Like the hymn says, it was his hands who flung the stars into space.  As the Psalms remind us, every skerrick of creation points inexorably to Him. The whole cosmos is about Jesus, its Creator and Redeemer.

Now, maybe we can’t read creation the way we want.  But hey,  that’s ok.  We don’t need to.  God has written us a love-letter instead.  In fact, He’s penned a whole series of ‘em – everything we need to know about life, death and, most thrillingly – about Him.

Perhaps when I’m seeking guidance in the future,  I’ll give Mystic Meg a miss. Now there’s a prediction.

1 thought on “Horrorscopes?

  1. Great read Emma…it had me rolling!

    The universe is definitely full of beauty, signs, and wonder. That being said, we really don’t need a complex astrological chart to know that we are special in God’s eyes.

    In regards to Russell Grant: I wonder if he ever predicted that he would participate in Celebrity Fit Club in 2006 and lose over 3 stone? Perhaps this will just remain one of the mysteries of the world…

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