‘Recovery’ is a funny thing. How do you know when you’re doing it? Can you ever reach a point where you can say, ‘that’s it, I’ve arrived?’ Or do you just make peace with your own frailty?

What are the landmarks? The markers? The mistakes you learned from? The ones you keep making?

What have you got to lose by getting better?  What have you got to gain?

What resources do you need to recover? If you’ve tried and failed in the past, what will you do differently this time?

Who or what are you getting better for? Is anyone else with you on the journey? Why – or why not?

What have you learned? What do you still wrestle with?

I wish I had the answers – but I suspect they’re different for each of us.  And I suspect that dependence, vulnerability and struggle is integral to the process

There are some battles you can say you’ve definitively won. Others are more shadowy, a kind of no-man’s land, where it’s very hard to tell.

There are some choices that are made once and for all. There are some that are ongoing.

There’s feeling weird-weird and then there’s feeling normal-weird.

There are expectations.  Your own.  Other people’s.  These need to be handled with care.   Are they too high?  Too low? You don’t want to settle – but without setting yourself up to fail.

Seems to me that ‘recovery’ looks a lot like life.

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