Dealing In Grace

Painting at Riverview Bank, Minnesota

Dear God

I spotted you across the way on Sunday morning and waved, but not sure you saw me.  Sorry I couldn’t stop, but the roast was in the oven and I wanted to make the most of the sunshine: I’m sure you understand! Maybe we can put a date in for Easter when life’s a little less crazy.

Anyway, hope Jesus and the rest of the crew are doing well.  As requested, here’s my monthly update – not as spotless as I’d like, but better than last month.  I know when I signed up for salvation you said it was fully comp, but  I think you made a mistake.  I appreciate your support, but some days I’m doing fine on my own. Not that I’m perfect (lol) – but there’s no need for you to worry.  I’ve been topping up the Cross with a few of my own good deeds, so I reckon it all pans out.

Not to compare, but I’ve really cut down on the wine. (Unlike Jenny –  there’s a stack of empty cans outside her front door – just in case you hadn’t seen them). Plus, I’ve done my quiet time twice in the last few days (and it was Jeremiah). But I’m getting ahead of myself. So here it is:

Starting Balance: (after salvation) – Fully Righteous.

Withdrawals (Major):

– smoking (-12 (4 points per ciggie)

– late for church (-2)

– missed quiet times (-9)

– dodgy gangster film (-4)

– fights with husband (-7)

– spent grocery money on ebay (-8)



Withdrawals (Minor):

– swearing at the cat (-3)

– bit of (harmless) gossip (-1)

– forgot Jessie’s birthday (scratch that: she forgot mine too)

– borrowed some more stamps from the office (-1)

– told Mandy I’d lost the book (she ruined the last one I leant her) (-1)


Total Deficit: – 49


Deposits (Major):

– quiet time yesterday (+9)

– gave blood (+9)

– phoned Uncle Fred (+10)

– prayed twice Thursday (and one of those was for the suffering church + 20)

– recycling (because I’m saving Your planet + 6)

– cutting down on wine and buying cheaper stuff (+9)


Deposits (Minor):

– money in collection plate (+2)

– prayer meeting (+4)

– helped random mum with buggy (+4)


Total deposit: + 73

Final balance: +24 credit.


I reckon this’ll do me to Easter anyway, but if I need more grace, I’ll give you a shout. Give Michael my love,







6 thoughts on “Dealing In Grace

  1. Hahahahahaha
    This shouldn’t really be funny. I know that is exactly what I do though.

  2. As I was reminded yesterday, we can only fall into one of two camps – the person who cannot even enter the sanctuary, but, from a small corner, calls for mercy,
    or the person who stands without a second thought before the very sanctuary, and thanks God that they ‘are not like others’….
    Only one is really justified, which really makes you wonder about what goes on in most sanctuary’s most Sundays….

  3. Hi Liz – I think as a starter, it means belonging to a church, hearing God’s word, taking communion and talking to Christian friends about the deep stuff of life. Be worth asking your pastor too, how we live it out. – ours has been a big help to me

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