Manmade God

Cartoon God by Jover

What kind of God do we trust?

Is He Personal or a cloud of divine stuff?

If Personal, then in what sense? An angry Father, selfish and demanding?  A foreman, under pressure and understaffed? Does He wake us with a divine to-do list, drumming his fingers impatiently whilst we mess up our tasks?

Does He need us: to bolster his ego, to do stuff and supply what He lacks?

Do we need Him: or is salvation just a synonym for self-help?

Does He take from us – or does He give? Does He do so reluctantly, with one arm in His pocket?

Is there a limit to His giving? And what is its nature?

And what does He give? His stuff – or Himself?

What does He ask of us in return? Do we invite Him into our lives – or does He sweep us up into His?


These questions matter.  Because if God’s a dictator, then we are just slaves.

If He’s a miser, we’re destined to starve.

If He’s needy, then we can never rest.

If all He’s got are gifts, then why bother with Him?

If He’s an optional extra, then I haven’t got time.

If He’s impersonal, then the world is a frightening place.



If He’s brimful of blessings

If He’s a spreading loveliness of unparalleled grace

If He’s a generous Father

a loving Saviour

a heavenly Comforter

a giving, sharing, satisfied and satisfying relationship of divine love

Then life looks entirely different.


It’s hopeful.  Meaningful.  Glorious. Exciting. Often bewildering.

It’s a cosmic adventure, an incredible journey.  An opportunity and a gift.

It matters.  We matter. Above all, He matters.

And His beauty fills the earth.


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