BEST Movie Cliches.

cop who doesn’t do things by the book, but dammit he gets results

ignorant superior officer OR Chief who wants top cops off the case

ponytail = bad guy

men in tight t-shirts running through sprinklers, (ok, this doesn’t really happen but if it did…)

hero carries exact taxi fare.  Taxi driver wears floral shirt, is saving for dream home and has a nagging wife.

German terrorists

let me tell you my evil plan and then fail to kill you

Danny Glover is too old for this

loveable  (Irish) alcoholic who will be able to give up the drink instantly when faced with an important challenge

minor good characters have double-barrelled names: Mary-Jo, Billie-Bob etc

disobeying orders is the right thing to do

at least one identical twin is evil

United States Marine Corps pilots are trained to fly alien space crafts into deep space

all characters keep detailed news clippings of events in their lives

I still love my ex-wife

high-class strippers with hearts of gold can operate heavy machinery and have ex-boyfriends who can fix cars.  When threatened with death they will worry about their hair or nails.

hero orders (brandless) beer but has to rush off before he can finish it

detective’s ‘last job’ before retirement  OR rookie cop’s first job OR ex-cop unfairly dismissed

‘I’m just the cook’. In fact, Steven Seagal.  Period.

the USA will rescue us from aliens

when sky-diving, you’ve got at least fifteen minutes

“Counsellor you are trying my patience – it’s only out of curiosity that I’m letting you continue – get to the point”

anyone can teach if they just Believe in the Kids

Bad Things in Underground Car Parks

‘you don’t know who you’re messing with’

highly trained hit men who are inexplicably bad shots

bullet-proof horses

baguette in shopping bag, boxes stacked on pavement (for car chase)

sheets that cling to naked hero’s waist, even when he’s walking

women fight other women by pulling their hair and rolling over with them, twice

forget cpr – the only way to bring someone back to life is to shout at them ‘I love you, don’t you dare die on me’

you will survive the war. Unless you show us a picture of your sweetheart.  You will tell us how this place used to be lovely and how when all this is over you’re coming back.

‘according to my calculations’..

good guy called Jack or John.  Bob, not so much.

‘now it’s personal’

wise-cracking ‘sassy’ girlfriend whose clothes melt in the explosion, but retains her lipstick

no-one goes to the toilet except to escape or die

‘no, no I’m not infected – it’s just a scratch’

bombs with bleeping neon countdown

what’s that?  Axe-murderer in the basement? Stuff the police: I’m turning off the lights and going in alone.

good time girls are named after fruits

bad guys take their turn in fighting good guy instead of overpowering him at once

the chosen one always denies it

native Americans talk like fortune cookies

trucks can only be stopped with rocket launchers

sidekick –  (‘don’t you leave me man’) dies smiling after taking bullet for his hero. Hero then closes his eyes and Is Now Angry.

‘Yeah. A little TOO quiet’.


What have I missed?











4 thoughts on “BEST Movie Cliches.

  1. If there is a hospital scene they are always on a monitor going beep even if they just broke a nail.

    CPR is always successful and no-one even breaks a sweat.

    Sheets that come up to the man’s waist and the woman’s armpits.

    Very enjoyable post :-)

  2. LOVE this list!
    My personal bugbear is the teeny tiny torches that police take in to a darkened building. A puny amount of light – and no-one ever switches the lights on!
    No-one ever has a cold (unless it’s secretly about to turn into cancer).
    Labour lasts 10 minutes and waters always break in an embarrassing and public way like a giant water balloon.

  3. Very true. And if anyone does get a cold, they’re not snotty-nosed and runny-eyed like the rest of us!

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