Reasons to Keep Going

1. You are loved.   There are also people who care about you – even if you can’t see it or if you’ve lost someone close.  There are people who would care about you too, if you were to open up to them, even just a little. And more than this, God loves you.  That’s a life-changing, unalterable fact – not a greeting card sentiment.

2. You’re not in control, but that’s okay.  God is and He can be trusted.

3. God has created you and given you a life with purpose and meaning.  You might not feel it or even see it, but He has plans for you and a future that is full of hope. It doesn’t rely on you pulling up your socks or making things better.  It’s about dependence upon Him – and upon His people.

4. You are not alone. I may not share your experiences.  There may not be people around you who understand.  But  Jesus does.  Everything we suffer, He suffered first.  He cares. Your problems are not unique.  And there is a way forward. You can be changed. Whatever your struggles.

5. You won’t always feel like this.  Help is available.



8 thoughts on “Reasons to Keep Going

  1. Yes God is in control and right now he is having a blast laughing at all this that he’s made happen.

  2. Hi Breaks Like Crystal. I agree that God’s got a sense of humour – but I don’t think He’s laughing at us. I can only speak for myself, but my temptation is to see only one part of who He is. I think that either a.) He’s in control and doesn’t care OR b.) He does care, but has no power. The Cross tells me that neither are the full picture. He willingly dies for love of His people – but in this act of ‘weakness’, He also triumphs and reveals Himself to be Lord. He loves us and He holds our lives in His hands.

  3. Hi Emma

    just found your sight!

    I am battling with depression at the moment and is in the process of going off one med to another.
    I went to school with Glen at Trinity Christian School.

  4. Hi Katie

    Lovely to hear from you – but sorry that it’s such a painful time. Depression is a horrible beast. You’re in our prayers and if we can help in any way please let us know xx

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