Stuck in Transit?

Ever feel like a  piece of  left luggage, circling life’s conveyer belt?

When you became a Christian, this wasn’t what you imagined. Boarding the flight marked ‘Holiness’, surely you waved goodbye to your old self. Brand new me, here I come!

– but in some ways,  you’re still in the lounge.

Other, shiner bags have been collected. But not you. Instead you’re circling round with the same old issues.

It’s frustrating. And it’s boring too.  You want to shake yourself and pin her up against a wall and hiss:

What are you doing?  Why do you keep making the same mistakes? Act normal or we’re OVER.  

But threats don’t seem to work. And so you start to wonder if you should ever have crossed the runway.  You think about where you’ve come from and you ask yourself – was it really so bad?


But then you remember.

– what you’ve been rescued from.  Sin and death and judgement.

– who you are.  Loved and redeemed and forgiven.

– where you’re going. To see the Lord face to face and worship Him forever.


You remember who Jesus is.    The most beautiful Person who has ever lived. Your Saviour and your Lord.

You remember that he has got you.  And you realise this: the scenery and the struggles might look the same, but you are  different.









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