One is No Longer Amused

I think I’m now officially jubileed-out.  And let me tell you, it’s been Emotional.

The high? Watching unhappy celebrities getting rained on from the comfort of my living-room.

The low? Volunteering for Bouncy Castle duty at our church jubilee party, only to discover that adults weren’t allowed on.

But at the very least, it’s been an education. I now know far more about the Queen’s wardrobe than I really need to.  For example;

– she has little weights sewn into her clothes so she doesn’t do a Marilyn when it’s windy

– she wears a hat and bright colours so people can spot her easily – even if she’s just a little pink dot in the distance

– she wears sweat nappies, (removable underarm pads that are sewn into her clothes)

You heard it here first.

Seriously tho, the queen must be knackered.  Yesterday was the boat parade.  Tomorrow she’s got the thanksgiving service and tonight – tonight,  it’s JLS.  Imagine how sore her arm must be from all that waving. And the smiling.

It’s hard work being a monarch.   It looks like you’re being served – but actually, the opposite is true. Even on a good day, you’d be justified in packing it in – saying, ‘stuff your carnations, I’m off’ and heading back to bed.

So just imagine  if, instead of being celebrated, your subjects ignored you.  Worse still, if they hated you and wanted you dead. Wouldn’t you abdicate? Wouldn’t you leave them to sort out their own problems and live for yourself?

‘even as the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many’ Matt 20:28

3 thoughts on “One is No Longer Amused

  1. Sweat pads…really?! That is a fact and a half!

    And a bouncy castle that bans adults is not a good bouncy castle! Well done for persevering! And a fab reminder of the gospel x

  2. Bouncy castle watcher? 1000 bonus points. No idea on what scale though…

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