You’re in The Pit.

You can’t see any way out.

You feel like you can’t go forward but you just can’t go back.

You don’t know who you are or what you want.

You’re scared of the future and ashamed of the past.

Maybe you’re on your own.  Maybe you’re watching someone you love. But you’re tired.

Tired of giving out and tired of giving in.

It seems like everything is black and you can’t go on.



Breathe again.

You are not on your own.


Other people have been here.   And they have come through.


Help is available – if you want it.

No-one will force you. No-one wants to harm you. But if you want it, help is there.


I know you’re unhappy.  Desperate. Hopeless.  Angry. Lonely. But you’re okay.  Right here, right now.  You’re okay.

I know you feel out of control.You’re right. But that’s okay too.

Jesus has control. The government is on His shoulders, not on yours. You can’t carry it, so set it down.

He will take hold of your hand and He will help you.

Breathe again.  Feel the air, swelling your lungs.  Feel the surface you’re standing on.  Solid.  Safe. Firm.  Secure.

God is with you.  Now.  Always. He will help you.

He is a fortress, a strong tower and a shield. Nothing is more powerful than Him.

He is strong. Stronger than those desires.

Stronger than those fears. Stronger than those voices.

He loves you. Right now, as you are. Completely. Fully.  Irreversibly. But He wants to bring you out of the darkness. To a spacious place. A place where you’re not afraid. Where you’re not ashamed.  Where you can finally rest.

He can do this: even though you cannot.



5 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Thinking I need to write that down somewhere. It is so helpful to know it’s ok to feel like it..though not pleasant…thank you for posting it :)

  2. Joey and Laura – thanks for encouraging me: both with your comments and knowing that other people feel the same

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