Conversational Grenades

Proverbs 18:21s says that ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue’ . What have been to you words of life? And what have been words of death? Here’s a few of mine:

‘I don’t love you any more’.

(at the clinic where I was being treated for anorexia) ‘You’re not thin enough to qualify for treatment’

‘I’m sorry – but she’s dead’

(post hair-cut) ‘is it meant to be like that?’

‘why can’t you just get your **** together? ‘

(from a friend who read my book) ‘Yeah. I quite liked the font’

‘the damage is irreversible’

(from a teen on his mobile while I was giving my testimony) ‘Yeah, she’ll hopefully be done soon’

‘if I were Glen I’d have left you’

(from a guy I really fancied) ‘can you introduce me to your friend?’

(to Glen) ‘did you know she was like that when you married her?’

‘We thought you’d be gorgeous, leggy and blonde’


Words of life:

‘I love you’

‘I still love you’

‘I’m not going anywhere’

‘Thank you’

‘It’s going to be okay’

‘Me too’

‘You are beautiful’

‘It is finished’.







7 thoughts on “Conversational Grenades

  1. After muchos reading of Proverbs on the power of the tongue for good or ill this week, and seeking to learn from the shockingly hurtful things people have said to me and the wonderful loving and lifting things, i am using what is possibly a very non spiritual and well known yet helpful tool to try to think before i speak at work…
    T- is it true
    H – is it helpful
    I- is it inspiring
    N- is it necessary
    K- is it kind

  2. I find very harsh things people said to you. (I have experienced as well.:-) )But in the same time I see light coming through the same sentences. When people question what made your husband to marry you it doesn’t speak for me only the hopeless situation people see you. It speaks about a love which is not common in this society, which goes beyond fame or success. Emma, I don’t think anybody have any reason to humiliate you, instead of this many people could envy you. You are a very lucky, special woman. That is rare.

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