My Testimony On Video (6 min)

16 thoughts on “My Testimony On Video (6 min)

  1. Thank you so much for posting this… such a bittersweet testimony, but one that sadly I can relate to all too well. You are the absolute picture of bravery to stand and share such personal thoughts to a crowd.

    I have been running away for far too long also.. praying I too can have the courage to call on Jesus again a midst my mess.. Just seems such a huge challenge sometimes.

    Thank you for sharing Emma xxx

  2. Thanks so much Abi – even when we’re running, His arms are open. And He can do in us what we could never do for ourselves. Praying we will both keep calling on Him x

  3. You made me cry! (ps, that NEVER happens – Passion of Christ – scourging scene and now Emma Scrivener testimony)

    I love it that at the wedding feast, those who angle for the top seat get humbled by the host and told to sit in the low place – but Jesus always took the lowest place and that’s where we meet him.

  4. Your testimony is awesome! It’s so refreshing to hear of another woman who came to health through Jesus. By the way, I think you have all three… brains beauty & virtue!
    ~ Wendy

  5. Hi Emma,

    Your testimony video popped up on my feed…I’m sure we were in primary school together. I always envied your beautiful handwriting! I am really touched by your story – thank you so much for sharing. Excited with you about the place you are now in . Praise God!xx

  6. Rich, Wendy, Janine, Matt and Christine – thank you. I’ve told my story a few times, but this has been a bit more scary. Your lovely comments have really helped.

  7. – not Janine Davies?! Best friends with Jenny D (‘dimonds are a girl’s best friend – still the most brilliant line ever)


  8. This has made my week.

    Please give Jenny a big hug from me. Next time I visit, I’d love to see you both…and I will apologise in person for my 11 year-old self (tho she’s probably still in there..)

    My blog’s on facebook, but not me – tho I share my hubby’s account (Glen Scrivener). would love to stay in touch and hear about what you’re doing.

  9. Wow, Em! Having read your book nothing you said was new to me but you present so well (and the subject of your presentation – Jesus – is SO good) that this is so refreshing!

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