Thanks so much to those of you who have been praying for and encouraging us, especially with today’s Wewantohaveababybutlookslikeweneedhelp appt.

It’s been a tough day.  Rattling of skeletons for me, what with the doctors and being poked and scraped and talking about – y’know, Lady Business. Equally difficult for Glen – for different reasons.

More tests to come and some challenges for the future.

No guarantees.

Except this – we know that the Lord will help us at every stage. And whilst, there have been a few tears today, there are many more things to be grateful for.

I’m thankful that

we’re going to a normal doctor to talk about normal problems – not hooked up to an ECG monitor or in a bowel ward or an eating disorder unit.

for friends and family (including many of you) who have been cheering us on and carrying us with kindness.

for the bits of me that do work (I have Spectacular elbows)

for a loving Father to whom we can pour out our hearts and who knows what’s happening even when we don’t

for our cat (who was lost) and has now been found

for hope – not in health or family or anything else that can be taken away.  Hope in the Saviour who stoops down to where we are and then gently lifts our head. Always hope in Him.


8 thoughts on “Carried

  1. It’s funny – this post came up just as I was checking to see how it went. Was thinking and praying for you both and will continue to do so. I’m glad you’re resting in God’s love and also that your cat has returned! x

  2. Glad you are both ok. never nice all that poking around…. but you survived so well done!
    God is good and He loves you xxx

  3. Was just looking to find out if you’d posted today..must have been a tough day but well done for both gettingthrough it. Sorry for all the pokey round bits of the appointment. God is ahead of you and has an amazing for you both. Keep trusting hun xxx

  4. Emma, i’m not very articulate about things that matter… But just wanted to let you know that this post touched me and that I’m sorry…. Very much praying for you and Glen and for a little baby miracle. But so thankful …that you are feeling thankful…. And that you’re aware of and open to God’s resting arms…xxx

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