You Beauties

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on yesterday’s post.  My brain’s been filled with fears and every synapse has been firing utter nonsense, so getting some real perspective and wisdom has been hugely helpful.

Actually, scratch the word ‘helpful’. ‘Helpful’ is someone opening a door for you.  I’m trying to say more than this, but it’s easier to make a joke or hide behind rhetoric, than to be genuine.

Getting your comments has been overwhelming but in a really good way. It’s a powerful reminder that community, (though frightening), is life-giving too.  I’m still scared;  but I trust your judgements and more than this, I’m girded by your prayers and support.   I’ve sent the journalist a copy of my book so she can see where I’m coming from, but if she’s okay with me being me, then we’ll go from there.  Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

One hour till the weekend…




5 thoughts on “You Beauties

  1. Thanks for continuing to share your journey with such honesty and integrity. I only just read the post from yesterday. I really understand your concerns about doing something like this. I also understand the opportunities. I personally found your book to be so helpful and so profound. So overall I think the 4 thought thing is worth exploring as I have also found that to be a helpful thing and amazed at what can be conveyed in 90 secs

  2. Hi Emma,

    Was meaning to reply yesterday but really did not know what to advise.. I’m sorry. You’ve done so much good already and I’m sure taking up this offer will only increase that. But yeah, I think that you just need to weigh up whether it will affect your relationship with God negatively or whether it would trigger a relapse… I’m not sure how/why it would do any of those things but if it might then maybe it’s not such a great idea. Sorry for that ramble… my post-work brain is a bit like mush.

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