God Can Use Idiots

Yep, you read it here first. Except that – well, you didn’t. In a funny way, it’s the message of the Bible.

Pharaoh.   Each and every plague designed to get through his thick skull – The LORD is God, His people are the apple of His eye.  Yet every ‘wake-up call’ only hardens his heart.  Does his stubbornness get in the way of God blessing His people?  It does not.   God is glorified through the stupidity of Pharaoh.  And that’s Him working through an enemy.

What about God’s stupid friends?

Noah ‘I could do with a drink, what’s the harm?’. Moses ‘I’m gonna throttle this Egyptian and start a revolt.’  Abraham ‘Wife? sister? – what’s the big deal?’ David and Bathsheba. The disciples and well, everything.

Again and again it looks like Plan A, B and C have been thwarted.  But as Joseph reminds his murderous brothers, ‘what you meant for harm, God used for good’ (Gen 50:20).

God can use idiots.

The boss at work who’s determined to make you suffer.

The family members who always put you down.

The boyfriend who dumped you and shattered your confidence.

The person who harmed you over and over and is still harming you, even though they’re gone.

Painful, yes. But bigger than God? No.

And one more. The biggest idiot:


The choices I’ve made, the ways I’ve screwed up. Do these put me outside of God’s love? Have they removed me from His care or placed me beyond where He can reach?

No. They have not.

How do I know this? Because at the cross, I see the world’s greatest evil, turned to the world’s greatest good. The same Lord who has defeated the enemy is at work in me and at work in you. In the big things and in the small.

To the world, it’s foolishness: a gospel for idiots.  But that’s exactly the gospel I need.





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