Words Best Kept To Yourself

– you think You’ve got problems: let me tell you about MINE

– and you don’t even work: what do you do with your time?! Your house must be spotless

– mind over matter

– when life gives you lemons…

– no-one ever said life was fair

– depressed again? You’re always depressed.

– suffering now, glory later

– here’s ten verses on X.  See ya…

– you should have listened to me.

– have you tried prunes/camomile tea/lavender/goji berries

– when I feel sad I just put on a happy face


– I’m here for you

– sorry it’s so hard

– I care about you

– you’re not going crazy

– here’s a passage that sometimes helps me

– I’m not going anywhere



13 thoughts on “Words Best Kept To Yourself

  1. Hey, I’m not going anywhere.

    What do you do with your time? I’m crocheting some slippers… It’s actually really tiring! But it keeps my hands & mind busy!
    Todays verse that encouraged me is proverbs 4:25-27.Keep things simple & look ahead/at Jesus :) x

  2. Hey Emma,
    When i asked what you do i was being curious…i dont want to judge you on what you do! I woke up this morning worried you might have misunderstood me. sorry if you did!
    Hope you have a good day today :) x

  3. Thanks for comments everyone.

    S, jigsaws are my thing when I can’t get out. Sad but true. Maybe I should join you with the crochet! x

  4. Jigsaws are cool, i wish i had the patience to sit and do them! maybe we could get together and crochet a jigsaw?! x

  5. Hi Emma
    Amen! I suffer from Fm/Me and two things people say to me nearly give me panick attacks: You need to thank God for your illness, and the other, you look so much better today!

  6. I think sometimes you need to look at these things and pray for a sense of humour. In one week, two people (separately) said to me, ‘I’m glad it was your daugther that died, and not so and so’s because she would not have been able to cope’, and i had to smile, thinking, ‘Do you have any idea what you just said?’ Honestly, people do not mean harm, and probably would be really upset if they realised that they had. I’m sure I’ve been known to say just such things, or to make comments without really thinking about them, and I pray that I don’t cause offence unknowingly. But at the same time, yes, I go crazy over the comments sometimes, and want to scream. Your post made me smile a wry smile, simply because I know how it can be. I pray that God gives you an extra portion of that grace you have just posted about.

    Lots of love


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