Can We Skip The 14th?

rDoes anyone – ANYONE – like Valentine’s Day?

My plan was to ignore it.  But It has come to me.

Fliers from the  curry house. ‘Free roses with every balti’.

’80s Love fever’ c/o the local pub.

heart-shaped cushions and cookie-cutters from Lakeland.

And then I toddled unwittingly into the lovechild of  Disney and David Lynch – aka Sainsburys.

Balloons,overpriced roses, chocolates, champagne, (edible) underwear, cuddly toys. Love songs on loop and ‘poetry’ that makes me want to hunt down the author and pull out their tongue.


‘Love’ it seems, is all around.

Except it’s not.  Not like they say in the greetings cards anyway.

Here’s a brilliant post on the reality of singleness. (Caution: contains some fruity lingo)



9 thoughts on “Can We Skip The 14th?

  1. I feel this way about Christmas and Easter shopping too. Part of me wants to get one of everything and part of me thinks, FOR PITY’S SAKE WHERE’S THE NORMAL CHEESE????? WITHOUT APRICOTS IN IT!!!! *bleurgh* Time is short, and love is a daily choice, in my opinion.

    Shared your blog with a friend of mine recently, Emma. She has just done a radio interview about her eating disorder, thereby joining your ranks of braveness :)


  2. I’ve always been single, and so I tend to try to hide from the 14th, and appreciate seeing all the demonstrative couples that I love show their love to each other.

    I remember when I was a teen-aged rainbow leader, I managed to be one up on my rainbows – they got a card from their daddy, I got a card and a candle from mine (and only because there were 4 candles in the pack 1 each for me and my sister, and 2 for my mum!!)

    This year is slightly different – Firstly I was blessed to find a card addressed to me last night, having returned home full of self loathing from the ash Wednesday service, Just plain gorgeous…in each and every way. It was from my friends kids, at least I know that a 1, 3, and 5 year old all love me.
    Secondly I was planning to join One Billion Rising a campaign to end violence against women. A rising of women and men dancing in protest against injustice and abuse.

  3. Thanks Liz, I share your hatred of cheese and apricots. (Actually cheese of any kind with fruit in it: wrong).

    Would love to hear your friend’s interview if there’s a link (and am sure lots of others would do)

  4. Littlemisshugs: recipient of the world’s best card! And almost – almost enough to redeem ‘Valentines’. Thanks too for the link – sounds like a very worthwhile cause.

  5. Surely a Balti would make you fairly unlovable??? Or at least fairly antisocial for a while. Garlic bread is another chef’s revenge…

  6. have not managed to read all the comments and links- exhausted with church stuff tonight- but yes Emma, I very personally do love Valentines day, whilst still very aware of how hard it is for singles- cos it reminds me of the true meaning of marriage and love, and of the man who without whom I would not be alive today.

  7. I take exception to all the cheese/fruit comments. Have yous not had fruitcake with cheese?

    Some people…

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