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4 thoughtHere’s the wee slot I did for 4thought: it’s airing on Sat night – prayers much appreciated. :-)

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14 thoughts on “Food 4Thought

  1. brilliant Emma, love seeing how God is working through you and your experiences. I’m praying

  2. Love your Irish Accent. All praise and glory to god for your salvation in Christ!

  3. Wonderful stuff Emma. Great to hear your honesty and talking about Jesus – Such a powerful witness. Well done :)

  4. I honestly cannot imagine how scary that was – and it doesn’t even show – you’re amazing!

  5. This was amazing.

    Your love for Jesus really shines through – and it is so thoughtful and thought-provoking. You can tell it means a lot to you – that this is important, authentic.

    I’m so glad they edited it so sympathetically – you come across just brilliantly.

  6. That was amazing Emma – truly. And beautiful too, moving. Hope, hunger and brokenness. Something people can quietly relate to. And yes, you share in such a moving way. Really brave too, well done. You aced it, and I’m not just saying that. It’s really clear and brilliant. Will be praying for you and each one. xx Lots of love :-)

  7. Brilliant – Emma you have just managed that amazing balance of vulnerability, honesty, and strength – you were clearly telling the truth – but in such a way that wasn’t preachy, or condescending, rather it was just honest, clear, and there to be absorbed…great stuff – as others have said – pleased the editing was so positive…what a great example of what is important in the Christian faith – humility, acceptance of what we are, and what we need… well done lovely lady :)

  8. So true. Well done. You are an ambassador! It’s about feasting on life since the gift OF God is eternal life. We already have Him as the satisfaction and the more he ‘whets our appetitite’, the stronger our hunger for REALLY knowing what is it is to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit and prepare to receive our new name. Amen, eh?!

  9. Amen to all of the above, Emma – you come across really well and I know people will be blessed and challenged by what you have to say. Well done xxx

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