This Life

all of the aboveI own a flat-screen TV and subscribe to Netflix.  I watch box sets including 24, Mad Men, Lost, Breaking bad, Modern Family, Spiral, The Wire and House of Cards. I enjoy walks in the countryside, meals out with friends, Sunday newspapers and Radio 4. I’m aware of the six signs of kidney disease, regularly check my breasts for lumps, wear sunscreen and floss mornings and evenings. I eat 5 a day, drink in moderation and try to include wholegrains as well as white. On Mondays I do the chores and washing.  On Fridays I go out. I (mostly) recycle. I collect school vouchers and am committed to reducing my carbon footprint.  I am an active member of my local congregation and I phone my parents twice a week. I use soap-free cleanser and always remove my make-up before I go to bed.  I keep a supply of bulbs and candles in case of power cuts and I regularly turn the mattress. I vote and re-use carrier bags.  I don’t keep tomatoes in the fridge.  I subscribe to several newspapers and make time for my marriage. I pay bills on time and take pleasure in returning my library books within the deadline.  I dislike aubergines but have grown to enjoy olives. I respond to urgent emails and fill in tax returns.  I aim to think positively and contribute to society. I am not unhappy.  I have found my sense of style and wear clothes that suit my colouring.

Is this who I am?

Is this tiny existence my life?


I follow Jesus and he personally directs my steps. John 10:3

The same love that God has for Jesus is in me. John 17:26

I am being made holy by God’s truths. John 17:17

I can approach God directly with freedom and confidence through faith in Jesus. Ephesians 3:12

I give my anxieties to God and know that he’ll take them because he loves me. This gives me peace. 1 Peter 5:7

I know Jesus, and in Him I have life. John 5:39-40


Who am I?

I am His.


3 thoughts on “This Life

  1. I have copied and pasted the true identity bit onto my phone. So helpful to be reminded of those truths! I find it hard to remember who I am.

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