Days Like This

rollercoasterHi folks.

Sorry for sporadic posting recently. It’s been a rough few weeks and (unusually for me!) I’ve run dry of words.

We’ve been doing a modified version of IVF and it’s been a roller-coaster   (I hate roller-coasters.  They’re scary and they make me feel sick and even crazier than usual: which is saying something).

Anyway. Thanks so much for your prayers – every stage went as well as it could have, up until yesterday, when I started bleeding.

So that’s it – for this round at least. We’re very sad.  But thankful for a God who loves us and knows the plans he has for us.  And thankful to you for all your support.  Please keep praying.



20 thoughts on “Days Like This

  1. Hey you.

    I’m so sorry.

    Do what you need to – write it out, don’t write it out, run and hide, scream and shout. (That was unintentionally rhyming.)

    Sending you much love – because what else can you do?


    Maybe I’ll pray too. Praying for positive distraction from it all, and a blanket of Jesus’ love over you both.

  2. Really sorry to hear this, sending loads of love and prayers. My new church have done and are praying for you right now, from Massoourie, India. God is good and won’t leave through grieving but comes real close and stays there

  3. Also, I have found this song, with words taken from a Puritan poetry book called ‘Valley of Vision’, really helpful in painful times. It’s called ‘In the Valley’, by Sovereign Grace music. I hope it might help you express yourself a little.

  4. So sorry to hear that, Emma. May our loving, compassionate Heavenly Father continue to uplift you both. prayers, tears and hugs xx

  5. so sorry. Lots and lots of prayers for you both. also, some friends have been putting together this blog recently which deals with childlessness and fertility problems and testimonies. it may or may not be good to read, and each time i read it I seem to end up needing a tissue, which is saying something. but prayers.

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