Dear Christian

earthlistenThere’s something you should know.

I will always be here.

I am utterly, irreversibly committed to you.

I know you.

I know you. And I delight in you. You are not a burden, or a time-waster or a drain or a disappointment or an inconvenience. I am not annoyed with you. I don’t want you to be someone else. When I look at you, I am delighted with what I have made.

When will you see yourself as I do?

I tell you, I will always want you near to me. Nothing you can do or say will change this.

You let go of my hand, but I have hold of yours. You stumble and fall – but I will catch you.

I see your sadness.

I see your loneliness.

I see your shame.

Don’t despair: I have taken these things. I have nailed your condemnation to the cross.

I will never stop seeking you, wooing you, pursuing you, loving you.

Stop trying to earn my love. It is already yours. It is more than your feelings.

You are not who others say you are.  You are not your good deeds or your mistakes.  You are not who you say you are.

You are mine: I have bought you at great price. Everything I am I have given for you. Everything I own is yours. I have kept nothing back. And you are worth it.

Not because of anything you say or do.  Not because of your apologies or resolutions. Because you are in Christ: and He is beautiful.

10 thoughts on “Dear Christian

  1. Needed this. Why is such amazing love so difficult to accept?? Thank you, God!

  2. So timely to get this on the email, following a night of telling my friend what a failure I am for still being on antidepressants…five years later.

  3. Learningtofloat: if you’re a failure for being on antideps, then I’m a stuffed mushroom. It’s ok to be human x

  4. Thanks Emma!And I would be a stuffed banana!How wonderful.He loves us all uniquely,passionately and unfluctuatingly.!And there is our security.Write it deep,deep in all our hearts.,dear Jesus.Life awaits us!x

  5. A wonderful poem.
    Have read your book & this has given me an insight into the pain people go through.
    Thankyou.May you be blessed as a child of God
    Chris xo

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