Food and Feelings


  • whether you’re bigger or smaller, you’re not better.    Thin doesn’t make you purer or neater or more popular. Fat doesn’t make you funnier or jollier or better at parties. No-one cares how many squat thrusts you can do in a minute. A new size is not a new self – if you hate your mother at size 16, you’ll still hate her at size 6.
  • there are more important issues to think about.  Like why you’re using food and making it into something more than what’s on the plate. Whether you feed your face or starve yourself sick, these behaviours are doing something – covering or distracting or controlling the real issues: the black stuff you’re not sure how to face. So let’s think it through. How’s that working out for you? The hiding and the lying?  The obsessing and the sweating and the neverending anxiety.  The loneliness and the fear.  Is it fixing the real issues?  Or just pushing them to one side?  
  • You didn’t choose this.  And even if you did, it’s more complicated than that.  But wherever you are now, you have some choices left.  Choices about asking for help. Choices about opening up. Choices about dealing with the black stuff, instead of just covering it up.  There are other people on the same path, cheering you on.  But until you step out on it, you won’t see them.  And until you try you’ll never know.


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