Hard Day At The Office

faceSo far today I’ve:

been to the loo. (once, when I didn’t even need to go)

peeled the stickers off three bananas

plucked half an eyebrow

stared at my computer

made a face from the banana stickers then drawn a spaceship underneath

googled ‘dogs that look like mops’

balanced a spoon on my nose

hassled the cat

stared at my computer

cleared out the hole punch

tried to roll my tongue

deleted old contacts from my phone

imagined how much money I’d have made if I invented cat’s eyes

googled the inventor of cat’s eyes (percy shaw)

decided to boil eggs for sandwiches

leant back in my chair and looked at the ceiling.


It’s 5:22 and today feels like a total waste. I remind myself of Anne Lamott’s big writing tip: ‘Keep your butt in the chair’ and congratulate myself for staying seated, during a hard day of distractions.

5.45: there’s a POP from the kitchen and I realise I’ve left the eggs on.

Thanks for nothing, Anne.

8 thoughts on “Hard Day At The Office

  1. I have written half a chapter in 2 months. I found this TOTALLY comforting. (Is it bad that I laughed at the eggs??) Gotta love that Anne Lamott.

  2. Go see Smurfs 2. An unlikely choice I’ll admit. Who would have thought the Father’s heart could be revealed through Papa Smurf… Still reeling!

  3. Thanks BR: no, but I’ll read it on the title alone.
    Susie: I believe you when you say Papa S pictures the Father: but even this isn’t enough. Still getting smurf flashbacks from my youth and that’s plenty
    James: cat’s now removed himself to next door’s garden

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