Welcome To My Bat Cave

nowayWho do we look to, to tell us who we are?


Our children? (‘You’re an amazing mum!’)

Our work? (‘World’s Best Teacher’. ‘Great job on the Presentation.’ ‘Nice ironing.’)

Our appearance? (‘All’s right with the world because I Have Great Hair’)

Friends? (‘I don’t know who I am, but I know You’re Great’)

Family? (‘I’m the eldest so I’m responsible’)

Partners? (From ‘I do’ to ‘You’ll Do’)

Old Hurts? (‘I was always the stupid one: I’ll never be a Success’)

Old Triumphs? (‘Needlework Champion, 1982 – and Still A Winner’)

Magazines? (‘Rediscover Your Potential and Liberate Your Inner Wise Woman’)

The news? (‘The world is a Mess! Scary! Unsafe! Full of Fracking and Seagulls That Eat Small Children’)

Our diet? (‘I ate too little/too much: I am a Disaster.’ ‘Atkins Saved My Life’. ‘Step Away from the Twizzlers, We’re a Muesli Household’)

Clothes? (‘Prada or Death.’ ’10p in Oxfam- saved a Fortune’. ‘No tie, no entry’.)

Music? (‘Last night was a blur’ or ‘last night at the proms?’ (Potentially both)

Church? (‘That’s Conservative Evangelical to you’. ‘Evensong or death’. ‘Hands up if you love Jesus’)

Money? Status? Facebook Friends? Football Team? Education?  BMI?

..Or something else?

Before all these things

The break-up

The expulsion

The career

The shoes

Before your family called you useless

Before your friends said you were dull

Before you starting self-harming

Before your first day at school

Before the strip on your mum’s pregnancy test turned blue

You were loved. Accepted.  Chosen.  Perfect in Him.

And Nothing Has Changed.

Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ. (Ephesians 1:4)


3 thoughts on “Welcome To My Bat Cave

  1. Last week on retreat I learn more about just how much God loves me, but also how much I’m not such a big fan – my identity is linked to my career (and now the move from the original plan ;( ) what friends and managers say about me, my failures…but what I know about God’s love is now moving so I know God’s love and his love covers all my shame.

  2. Emma, this is so beautifully written. Sometimes can take a lifetime to get to that point when you believe it.

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