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sharnadoBack to the baby doc today.

We’re reviewing  Cycle 2: What Went Wrong, (tagline: ‘The Final Chapter?’)


Mad scientist consultant.  His desperate, inexorable search for progress has blunted his social skills and made him crazy with power.

Hickster Fundamentalist Christians. Comedy couple – reared by dingos in the outback/potato farmers in Peat bog land. Him: Nice Vicar who Finishes Last.  Her:  Feisty Irish Rose Nettle with  Big Gob.

Nurse with Heart of Gold (winces/emits spontaneous clucking noises when Mad Scientist opens his mouth).

The setting: shady multinational, specialising in cutting-edge (but what do they do in them?) laboratories

Plot so far: Baby Dilemma: They’ve tried and failed with DIY and NHS.  Do they now succumb to the dark side: LexCorp (Private Health)?

Our rating: **

Cliched sequel that means well but is never really resolved. Ultimately the viewer can’t be sure what sort of film it is.  Is it a lovable comedy with light-hearted twists, (‘Whoops we lost your child! Never mind – let’s try again!) Or a maternal melodrama, questioning the mental health of all involved? Have they lost a baby – or was it just in their minds?

Verdict: Well-intentioned but ultimately unsatisfying.

Next week: Transformers 27, Dogs with Guns and Quantum of Cheese.


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  1. Sorry. I’ll bet that was really hard. How are the feisty Irish Nettle and her nice last-finishing Vicar doing today?

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