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Halloween Video Card

Aaah Halloween.  Seems to be everywhere right now: my favourite being the Gregg’s ‘scary’ pasty.  (Basically a bog-standard pasty with the word ‘scary’ in front).

If like me, you tend to hide behind the sofa when trick or treaters call, then here’s an alternative. Load ’em up with percy pigs (one for you, three for me…) and this little flier.

Halloween Video Card – it’ll take them to the Halloween Video.  (Be warned – the scariest thing is the guy narrating it: that, dear viewers, is my husband)

Print off (in colour is best) –  and each A4 sheet makes 8 calling cards.

Here’s where you can download and print it off.

6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Hi there. I love the video and was printing out the calling cards when I thought I’d check the link on them ( It doesn’t seem to work. It gets to vimeo and brings up a ‘couldn’t find that page’ message. The link embedded in the blog works ( Maybe it’s just me or a blip, but thought it might be worth pointing it out before people all over the country start handing out the cards! Hopefully someone can sort out whatever needs sorting in time!

    Thanks for everything you do on this site, Emma. I am one of the many readers who have been blessed by it and your book but remain silent. I’m not really a ‘posting stuff’ sort of person!
    Ruth x

  2. Thanks Ruth – yes, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! Works on our computers, but for some reason it doesn’t on others :-(

  3. Well I’m glad that the Church is getting over its hysterical anxiety about how Hallow’een is some kind of gateway to the occult. The next step is to realise that these kinds of ‘forces of darkness’ are fictional, and so is the alleged cure for them. There *are* forces of darkness, but they don’t reside in graveyards or covens: they inhabit corporate boardrooms, council chambers and parliaments, they fester wherever there is poverty, ignorance and hopelessness. The cure for these is not to ‘spread the good news’ of a first century carpenter, it’s to hold our democratic representatives to account, and to fight for the rights of the oppressed, and against those who would accrue power without accountability. And, as well-produced as the film is, can’t you just let kids dress up and have fun without preaching to them? When they come knocking at my door, staunch atheist as I am, I won’t be handing them a flyer for a Christopher Hitchens video, or telling them that there’s no such thing as magic: I’ll hand them some sweets and wish them happy hallow’een.

  4. Ruth – apparently the issue is with the spelling of halloween in the link: if it’s with a capital ‘H’ it doesn’t work, but a wee ‘h’ does.

    Hi Andrew: I agree that darkness can exist in all the places you’ve mentioned. When the New Testament refers to dark powers (‘principalities and powers’) it has human power structures in mind.

    I agree too that we must defend the oppressed: but as a Christian I do so with a broader view of darkness than man’s inhumanity against man. Not just my actions, but my heart needs transformed – because that’s where the darkness resides. My belief in Jesus as both carpenter and God’s son shapes my world; just as your views shape yours.

    We may not agree on spiritual issues; but the video is an interesting reflection on the origins of the festival.

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