You’re Not, But He Is

glassSuffering is not an opportunity to prove yourself – or a problem to be solved.


optimism is not enough

positive thinking is not enough

better self-esteem is not enough

trying harder is not enough

looking within is not enough

being nicer is not enough



I am not enough

and you are not enough either.


Only Christ is enough.


enough hope to sustain you, tho the worst has come true

enough light to live by, when everything’s dark

enough truth to make sense of a world filled with lies

enough peace to bring stillness, when everything breaks.


not enough to make you comfortable or strong

but enough.


4 thoughts on “You’re Not, But He Is

  1. this put tears in my eyes. i’ve not been well for a while, and this is exactly what i needed to see….to put christ in the drivers seat….

    praying for you xx

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