catholeFear’s a powerful motivator, isn’t it?

This was brought home to me last night, by cat number 2.

Such is his nervousness, that in five years he has avoided both a name and a collar.  Last night we tried to put a bell on him – with disastrous results.

The asylum-seeking moggie went on a terrifying kibble-fuelled rampage, before head-butting his way through a locked (cat) door and escaping over the fence. Pieces of shattered cat-flap lay on the floor along with my jaw.

I yell at the hole in the door. “Why don’t you trust me?! All I’ve done is care for you – but you keep running away..’

and a verse comes to mind:

“The ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger. But Israel does not know, my people do not understand.” (Isaiah 1:3)

1 thought on “Scaredy-Cat

  1. “asylum-seeking” I like that, it sounds much nicer than what I usually say… One of our cats went through a closed screen door. And I’ve had the same thought many times. If we and our cats could just learn to fear the right things, we could all be more happy!
    One fear cures another so we are told…

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