Depression and Christmas

depressionLet’s face it, there’s never a great time for depression.  But Christmas can be especially hard. So,

1. Be aware of this.  It’s not just you.  You are not going crazy.  Everyone else is not having the Best Time Ever with their Perfect Pet/Partner/Brussel Sprouts. It might look that way, but that’s because you’ve forgotten to..

2. Stay away from social media, (or get one of those apps that replaces shots of babies/engagements with grinches/dolphins in santa hats).  No, Really.

3. If you’re on meds, keep taking them and make sure you’ve got enough for the holiday period.

4. Have a glass of wine and some nice food – but don’t go overboard.  Mr Baileys is not your friend and tomorrow you’ll have The Fear as well as The Sads.

5. Go to church.  I know you don’t feel like it; and if it’s painful you don’t have to stick around.  But these are people who love and care for you – and the message is not Be Happy! It’s Jesus has come and He’s with us. That’s worth leaving the house for.

6. Check your expectations. Angry at yourself for not being superwoman? Or others for not matching up? Time to lower the bar.

7. Talk.

8. If you’re feeling lonely, take time to find out what’s happening in your area: church services, community centres, local newspapers (for info) are all good options.

9.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, plan in advance what you’ll say yes to.  Don’t feel bad about just ‘dropping in’ or saying no to some things.  

10. Do what you can – and that’s plenty.

4 thoughts on “Depression and Christmas

  1. So true. And a timely reminder. But also remember you can be in the midst of a crowd of people you know and still feel lonely. X

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