Truth for Testing Times

crackedeveryone thinks everyone else knows what they’re doing: they don’t.

whatever it is – recovery, grief, housework, rebuilding relationships – you don’t have to do it all in one go.

it’s possible you will feel completely different in a very short time.

good or bad – you’re not who your parents or the bullies or your exam papers or your ex says.

the bad thing you’re terrified of happening probably won’t happen.  Even if it does, you will be okay.

you are not in control.  This is a good thing.

your problem is not that you’re too fat for your jeans.  Or that your house is untidy.  There are issues; but they’re not these ones. So save your energy for the real fights.

you can change – but it’ll take time and hard work.

gossip magazines are not your friends.

you’re neither fine as you are, nor uniquely terrible. You need saving.  So does everyone.  (That’s why Jesus came).

‘bad’ feelings aren’t really bad. They’re just your feelings (shouting at you).

you’ll never need to deal with more than the next minute.  And this you can do.

nothing looks good at 3am.  Sleep on it. And if you can’t sleep, read something comfy.

happiness is not just a matter of positive thinking.

Jesus gets you, even if you don’t get you.

“The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)






6 thoughts on “Truth for Testing Times

  1. Always thankful for your posts.

    “happiness is not just a matter of positive thinking.” … I would love to read a post in regard … if possible, please

    thank you & God bless

  2. “You are not in control. This is a good thing.”
    I’m learning this one everyday. Thank you for the reminder.
    Am doing a bit better than I was and I’m back on speaking terms with God – still feeling a bit fragile but that’s better than feeling emotionally dead. Just wanted to let you know, as your blog helped me through it. So thank you and God bless x

  3. O Emma. I so need these words to sink deeper than my skin.
    I’m trying so hard but it hurts.
    Every step forwards later gets retraced and doubled back on. Times two.
    It’s so tough to eat more.

    Thank you for encouragements and wisdom


  4. Thanks Nadine – I’ll have a stab if I can grab some time around ruby, (my brain’s baggier than usual tho so we’ll see!) Love to hear your thoughts on this…

  5. Liz – it’s a reminder I need constantly too. So glad you’re feeling a bit better: love to you

  6. Firefly

    Well done for fighting – it gets easier, I promise. Just keep doing the minutes and remember that God will finish in us what He has started. Praying for you now: Phil 1:3-6

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