Help! Here’s How:


1. Take off my label.  If I’m going to move forward, I need to know that I am more than this. I can’t yet see it.  But you can help me grow into someone that doesn’t yet exist.

2. Be real. The gospel says we’re made of the same sinful, broken, redeemed, grace-hungry stuff. Show me this is true.  Don’t pity or patronise me. Be my friend.

3. Point up, not in. I want you to save me.  I want you to be the answer. But you can’t and you’re not. Walk with me and point me to the Lord who is.

4.  Take me out. I like it in here.  It’s comfy and small.  You can squeeze in for a bit.  But after a while, we’ll both run out of air. So don’t join me in the darkness; bring me into the light. Show me other people and show me life.

5. Show me need that’s not my own.   There’s life beyond my problems. Remind me that other people are struggling and they need me too.  Show me how to serve in small, unthreatening situations and encourage me.

6. Stand with me against the lies.  Tell me I’m not my past mistakes.  Tell me it’s not shameful to take medication or rely on others.

7.   Lead me forwards. If there are issues I need to face, encourage me to do so.  But don’t let me get stuck in the past.  Help me look ahead. Paint a picture of the future and walk there with me.

8. Be honest. When I’m acting badly, call me out.  Ask me to pray for you. Set boundaries and stick to them.

9. Help me see God IN the mess.  Ask me what I think He’s up to.  Encourage me to talk to Him.  Bring Him into our conversations. Tell me what He’s doing in your life. Remind me that He’s working, right now – not when I’m “fixed.”

10. Teach me how to feel. Help me to speak out my fears.  Show me that my emotions won’t harm me.  Show me that they matter – but they’re not my boss. Help me to talk back to them, sit with them and laugh at them.


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4 thoughts on “Help! Here’s How:

  1. Really true ways of helping those in claustrophobic pain. Thank you for taking time to put these words out there Emma. I hope they encourage and bring light into the dark corners of lives as they read. To God Be the Glory. x

  2. #2, #3, #7, #8, #10 – feels like you read my mind, & put it down into words much more eloquently.

    If I may add an #11 of my own, it would be – validate what I am going through – I didn’t realise this was so important until I met someone who did this. But now, I realise how much that’s helped me get out of being Stuck in a mess, that I may now take baby steps forward :-)

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