Christmas Tactics

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But if it’s not –

dog tree

1. Get some quality time in with the Lord. I say this, because it’s an area where I struggle. And it’s His birthday.

2. Have an escape plan. If there’s an event coming and you really can’t face it, work out an excuse for leaving early and your route home.

3. Delegate. Sometimes people like to feel involved. (Sometimes they don’t, but that’s just too bad).

4. Ban the words ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘need’ and ‘perfect’.

5. Don’t compare yourself or your family to anyone else. It’s a recipe for discontentment or unbearable smugness.

6. Be as flexible as you can. The world will not end if you forget the brandy butter or someone sits in the wrong seat.

7. Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling.  If for example, you’re missing a loved one, then give yourself time to reflect and to grieve.

8. Stay off social media.

9.  Remember that others find it hard: the bereaved, folks with addictions and mental health struggles, people who are far from family or home, those who are lonely or going through relationship breakups.

10.  Don’t be a martyr. If you love making decorations, knock yourself out. Otherwise, stick some tinsel on the pot plants.


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