Glen’s Christmas Video


I’m biased.  But it does!

6 thoughts on “Glen’s Christmas Video

  1. This was great, Glen! Was this your brainchild or a collaborative effort?
    Personally, I find myself swinging back and forth between all of the wrong types you illustrated. I sometimes forget the real meaning of Christmas and gravitate toward views that miss the mark. I am especially susceptible the the fairy tale, hohoho version. Sort of an illegitimate reunion with Eden. Funny how it never delivers, often leaving me with that empty “is that all there is” feeling later, and yet every December the rituals start. Is this the mentality of an addict/idolater or what?
    Was that beautiful baby at the end Ruby?

  2. I got the STABLE!!!!

    Keeping balanced in the middle of our darkness is very difficult. Remembering our blessed hope is actually a person, and not having a special day, or getting a special gift , that’s our battle. As nice as those thing might be, we were made for so much more,

    I enjoyed reading about the Australian Christmas day as well, but you are just plain wrong about turkey.** So fussy! Of course I’m not a brit myself, so maybe I don’t know all the terrible things they do to birds….

    **Not that it really matters to me… but, this is what basting is for? Or, if you cook it upside down the white meat absorbs all the drippings and everything stays very moist, more like a perfectly cooked rotisserie fowl. You have to slice it up before serving but bringing a big brown roasted bird to carve right at the table is just propaganda anyway, in reality it makes a huge mess of the tablecloth.

    We actually do a nice ham on Christmas day proper, but usually a huge turkey on 12th night, our second Christmas.

  3. Hey Chris, yes the Four Kinds was my idea. I brainstormed the video idea with my director and then we roped in about 25 friends as stage hands! No, the baby was a 3 week old of a friend of ours. We did 4 takes and this one was the only one where she wasn’t crying. Makes you think – laying a baby in a feeding trough is a pretty incredible thing to have done!

    Hi Caroline – sure, sure, EVERYONE’S got their Turkey tips. But that’s the point… why do we need to have secret techniques to make this bird edible?? Unacceptable. No turkey for me. Nope. Not gonna happen.

  4. Actually, I took the test later and also won the manger!

    ” EVERYONE’S got their Turkey tips. But that’s the point… why do we need to have secret techniques to make this bird edible?”… cotton?

    Really Glen, do you apply this same line of reasoning to your Weetabix? I’ll bet not! I mean without milk… I sense something deeper that’s going unsaid, perhaps some childhood trauma? But if you aren’t ready to unpack it, well go ahead and blame the turkey then.

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