Wrongful Conviction


The accuser versus the Comforter;


One condemns, the other convicts.

One paralyses, the other empowers.

One leads to self-hatred, the other to Jesus.

One is soft and cruel, the other is gentle but firm.

One says look to yourself, the other says look to Him.

One says “you can’t make it better – so give up and despair.” The other says “you can’t make it better – and this is your hope.”

One says “everything is bad and you cannot escape.” The other says, “this must change – and I will help you.”

One says “Do.” The other says “Be.”

One says “worry.”  The other says, “peace.”

Both point to past events.  One is a tape of our mistakes; the other is a man on a cross.

One says “it will never end,” the other “it is finished.”

Both use the law.  One says, “it’s a stick, that condemns you to death.” The other says “it’s a gift, that leads you to Me.”

One says “if you’ve done such a thing, you have no part with Him.” The other says “Jesus died for exactly this sin.”

One says, “keep it in and keep to yourself.” The other points to community and mutual grace.

One says, “there is no truth but shame.” The other says, “it’s more than what you feel.”

One talks of change but stays just the same. The other leads to repentance and restoration.

One says, “you are condemned,” the other, “you are forgiven.”

One says, “you’re not enough,” the other, “but He is.”



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