Rules of Parenting

darth-vader-face1My parents are baby-sitting my daughter tomorrow. So I’ve left them instructions.


Rules of Parenting:

1. Don’t make her wear a hat or coat – especially if it’s cold outside.  She might catch a cold, but suffering is good and will develop her character.

2.  If she gets sick, don’t give her medicine.  She can get better if she believes she can.

3. Always give her exactly what she wants.  For example, if she wants to play near the fire, let her – this is how she knows you love her.

4. Do not accept any mistakes. Standards in this family are high and she must uphold them.

5. Explain that you love her, but don’t pretend to like her.

6. Work as a team. One of you should be angry and keep your distance from her.  The other should act like her best mate. If she seems confused, remind her that the angry one sent the friendly one.

7. Tell her you’re busy and don’t have time for smaller issues.

8. If she gets into trouble, explain that you could help her – but you probably won’t.

9. Say that her body is bad and should be covered up and hidden.

10. Remember that we want her to be good, not happy.  The more you can test her, the better she will be.

And if in doubt, think rules, not relationship.

If I gave you this list, what would you think of my parenting? Would you call me a loving parent?  I’m guessing not.


So, why do I sometimes believe the same lies about God?



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