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Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 18.44.20Sorry there’s no blog this week – we’re in Keswick, enjoying the lovely lakes!  As part of the week I gave a 4 minute testimony, and it’s airing along with a fab sermon (and some rousing hymns) on Radio 4, this Sunday.

If you fancy listening, (and even better, praying since it’ll go out to many people), then go here.



4 thoughts on “Sunday slot

  1. I pray that through the Holy Spirit, your testimony will resonate in people’s hearts, giving fresh inspiration to people as they walk with Jesus and drawing those who do not know their Maker into His loving arms. This is brave of you-well done! :)

  2. Yay Emma, I just listened! Nothing’s new, given that I’ve read A New Name before. Yet, it’s always brave to be willing to share the innermost personal parts of our lives to show how God works to change us, especially when it involves bearing the less glamorous parts of ourselves.

    But all those things – desiring to be thin(ner)/good/in control – are all things that I feel I’m not, & so I’ve considered/wished for at some point, don’t we all?

    & yet, (this is so timely/fits so well) in sermon today, our speaker spoke abt the 10 commandments, & how covetousness is such a dangerous thing. At its core it’s about how our desires for what’s not ours, takes away what rightfully belongs to God (eg desiring to be thin(ner) would, I suppose, be taking away God’s right to have created us in His image) & I didn’t realise it until he said so, but the scariest thing is that … covetousness itself has no punishment!

    Because no one knows what I am thinking unless I act on it (ie no one can be punished for an intention to steal, being punished for theft would be to be punished for the FRUIT of covetousness)

    Idk, just stuff I’m thinking about because surely it’s easy to say things in words, but harder to struggle and live them out – I still feel too much shame too often, for the person I am .. & I wish I was cleverer/more athletic/less of a goofball/better than what I am/less thighs/less boobs (yes I know – some people wish for more boobs, I just feel it makes me a greater klutzy waste of space #logic #not) … etc.

    thankfully God has saved us by giving us His spirit .. which- well, sometimes I feel that I don’t believe in/treasure that enough .. sigh. baby steps, I suppose. virtual hugs xx

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