Write Your Own Obituary

boxShe excelled in everything she did.

She was charismatic and attractive.

She knew what she wanted – and she got it.


Nope.  Barbara Cartland heroine.  The sort of woman I’d cross the world to avoid.

Try again:


She kept a lovely home. 

She had excellent taste in furnishings.

She knew exactly what colours suited her best.

She recycled and occasionally gave blood.

She worked hard and had moderate success in her chosen field.

She rarely had a bad hair day.

She made some mistakes but meant well.

She went to church but didn’t force her beliefs on other people.

She will be missed.

That’s closer; but wait – is THIS what I’ll leave behind?  A clean kitchen, a pension and some matching underwear?

Tell the truth, Scrivener..


She screwed up her teenage years.  

She was too scared to try.

She hurt those closest to her.

She said she was a Christian but acted like she was Lord.

She chose comfort over challenge.

She ended up more confused than when she started.

She lived a very small life.

Ouch.  There’s some truth here; but where’s the hope?

She was frightened and lost. But He sought and found her.

She was bowed and broken.  But He lifted her head.

She was sinful and selfish.  But He died to forgive her.

She was crushed by rules. But He kept them – and He set her free.

She made no impact.  But He gave her purpose.

She was no-one. But He gave Her His name.


In His hands, her life mattered.





6 thoughts on “Write Your Own Obituary

  1. oh!


    like Kate Heal, I daren’t consider mine either. at present moment, I think my inner voices of self-doubt scream away the Jesus bits, & try their best to convince me that the Jesus bits are True!, but only for Everyone But Me. Because I am A Shame (fight it off, Dee – you know you cannot be the Lord of your own life, which sometimes, like now, means you don’t overwrite God’s opinion of you with your own opinion of yourself. Guh.)

    thanks for hanging around & humouring each insecure message I write & etc, Emma! your blog is an amazing encouragement. xx

    * But I really wouldn’t mind having more good hair days than bad, & do appreciate a good sense of colour coordination though! Haha.

  2. One of my favourite statements of all time sums it up:
    “I am a great sinner, but Christ is a great saviour”. John Newton.
    Thank goodness that we have been brought near and found peace by the blood of His Cross.

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