Not for Nothing

plantI want you to know

that I see you.

Not just the bright smile you share with strangers.

Not just the bent shoulders, picking up toys.


Not just the coper, who gets it all done.

Not just the shiny bits; the triumphs and successes.

Not just the qualifications or the clipboard or desk.


I see when you stumble

I see when you sleep

I see when you fall and I see when you weep.


I see it all.  And I see all of you.  And I want you to know

that it matters. You matter.

I see.


Every time you wipe a nose

Or wash another plate.

Every email

every phone-call

every prayer.


I hear.  Every time you love

I catch your words, your works, your heart.

Keep going. I am carrying you.  I am proud of you.

I rejoice over you.  And I’ll never let you fall.



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