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thumbnail_A New Day FCWhen I first became a Christian, I expected that all of my issues would be straightened out and I’d be sorted. But they weren’t – and I’m not. Which made me ask, am I really a Christian? And if so, why am I still so messed up?

That’s the theme of my second book, coming out in April.  It’s called ‘A New Day,’ and it’s for messy Christians.  People (like me), who struggle with








As with A New Name, it’s not offering answers or an author who is ‘fixed.’  I’m the most hungry, anxious, controlling, shame-filled, angry, despairing person I know!  I need Jesus just as much now, as when I first believed. But that’s the point. He offers hope and grace as we are – not not when we’ve cleaned ourselves up. And if the gospel is true for me,  then it’s true for others like me, who don’t always feel it.

We all need reminding of this; and it’s what you, my amazing readers, do for me here.

In fact, the biggest reason for writing the book is because of this blog – and the ways that I’ve been privileged to share in your stories.  Thank you for allowing me to include them; and for your ongoing prayers, love and encouragement. It comes out on the 20 April (published by IVP) – please pray it will be a blessing to those who read.

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6 thoughts on “New Book!

  1. How exciting Emma! Can hardly wait to read it. I’m certain it will indeed be a blessing to many. ❤

  2. You mean, you wrote it for people like *you*? Because had you not said so, it sounded almost like … me!

    hunger – (small) check
    anxiety – check
    control – check
    shame – triple, bold, red, checks
    anger – (medium) check
    despair – as a consequence of all above cumulatively, check.

    oh. had you not said so, that sounded .. like .. ME.

    thanks for being love & light xx

    wee problem: when I pre-ordered with The Good Book Company, they said 1st April – you mean, I have to wait 3 weeks longer? With all the waiting I’ve already had to do in this season of life, no0o0o fairrr – kidding. but um it’s true that that got my hopes up a wee bit more than it should ..

  3. Hello Emma, your book seems very interesting. I’m a french graphic designer and illustrator. The illustration of the cover is very attractive, do you know who drew it ? thanks !!

  4. Thanks Adeline – it’s a great cover, isn’t it? I’m very thankful to my fab publishers. It was done by the design team at SPCK and if you contact them direct, I’m sure they’d connect you with the illustrator.

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