We will miss you

We were drowning; and no-one knew what to do.

The doctor said he couldn’t help.

A pastor with more than 20 years of experience said ‘this is too much.’

We felt like giving up; like we’d gone beyond hope.  But where the experts failed; ordinary Christians stood in the gaps. Folks like Mike and Heather Ovey; our tutor and his wife.

Week after week they invited us into their home and listened to us and prayed with us and made us feel like God had us; that we were part of His family; that we mattered; we weren’t going crazy and we weren’t too much for them or the church.

They didn’t try to fix it and they didn’t offer easy answers. But despite many other pastoral commitments, they carved out space for a couple whose world was falling apart.  And they did the same for many, many others.

Today is Mike’s funeral thanksgiving service.   Our thoughts and prayers are with you Heather; and your family.  Mike; we thank God for you – your humour, your wisdom and your love. Thank you for showing us more of Jesus.


4 thoughts on “We will miss you

  1. Amen, Emma. The service of such righteous men and women, by the grace of God, avails so much.
    What a glorious day awaits when we shall all, once more, be together, eternally delighting in the “wonder, love and praise” of Him who will truly make all things new.

  2. Whew – reading your post, I was also struck by how in turn, Glemma (yes, u r collectively a Glemma ..) has also done the same for other people, being a blessing just as you have been blessed. I was at first a tad afraid to mention this, bcos I wondered if it was a tad insensitive to say this in the midst of such an occasion.

    Yet since someone has already said this on the Facebook page, (“What a wonderful tribute and so wonderful that in turn you and Glen Scrivener have done that for other people…” that comment) .. I’ll echo the sentiment (-:

    thanks E for doing the same through your blog, and the encouragements that have come into being through .. every insecure thing I’ve said on private message .. heh. thanks for never giving solutions, only ever putting things in gospel perspective, topped with prayer & virtual hugs. xx

  3. Thanks so much for this Emma. I’ve been thinking of Heather and the family today. She and Mike did our marriage prep 18 years ago when my husband was at college and their wisdom has helped us in more ways than I can even remember over the years. Your testimony of their love and care brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me with what simple love and fellowship can mean when life seems to be falling apart.

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