How to ru(i)n your life

Go with your heart.  And follow your feelings.

Keep it in.  If you open up, they will reject you.

Deal with it yourself. So, take control.

For every look at Jesus, take 12 looks at yourself.

Don’t hope and don’t try.  You’ll fail and you’ll be disappointed.

Live by the word ‘should.’

Everything is black or white.  Good or bad. Success or failure.

Put yourself first.

Earn it.

Do everything perfectly.  You are worthless if you don’t.

Stay away from community; they will never understand.

Speak through your body.  Write your hopes and dreams on it. Make it and remake it and compare it and keep comparing it.

When bad things happen, Someone is to blame. Probably you.

Don’t talk about the things that hurt.  I’m fine and you’re fine – now, suck it up and shut up.

Nurture your anger.  Focus on it and feed it and let it fill you.

Do not trust others.  They will let you down.

Avoid the Bible and gospel preaching. It will make you feel worse.

Seek help – tomorrow.

Do not allow yourself to be seen. Remember: no-one wants your mess.


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