Audience of One

Have you ever had your picture painted?  It takes a gifted artist to capture a true likeness; but most of us will never have this experience.

But what if you could? And what if, instead of having your portrait painted in oils, you could have it painted in music instead?

That’s one of the ways that Epiphany, a group of Christian musicians, serve others.  With their instruments and voices, they use improvised music as a means of creating a ‘sound portrait’ of the people they play for. It’s an incredibly powerful and intimate experience; and it can have a profound impact on their listeners.

Epiphany have worked in many different contexts: from art galleries to the Houses of Parliament; from charities working with asylum seekers and recovering alcoholics/drug addicts to care homes and hospices; from formal concert venues to community events. Most of their musicians play in leading orchestras and ensembles throughout the UK and Europe.  Sometimes however, instead of playing before thousands, they play for an audience of just one.

A friend of mine, Rachel, had her sound portrait ‘painted’ and added some of her own beautiful photos and images to the music. Thank you Rachel, for sharing this:



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4 thoughts on “Audience of One

  1. Pain, sorrow. Then hope, even joy. Then strength. Then power. Then struggle. Then structure. Then a dissonance. Then discord but then more hope then peace. The sharing and testimony. Opposition but the sharing goes on. Then a joining, a return to a unity. Then quietness and stillness, more peace….dreaming.

    [Image: “Here are emotions you haven’t felt yet.”]

    Deeper. Higher. Melodic beauty. Travel. Symphony. Love. Joy. Peace. Kindness. Gentleness. Goodness. O the heights! O the depths! Patience. And self-control.

    [Image: The Cross.]

  2. My mum plays with Epiphany (she’s a cellist) and I’ve never heard one of their sound portraits until I listened to this I’m ashamed to say! It really is so haunting and beautiful, and your friend’s pictures compliment it very poignantly and personally – please thank her, and thank you for posting!

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