Some news – and prayers please!

Glen and I are thrilled to say that we’re going to be adopting a wee brother for Ruby! He’ll be coming home to us in the next few weeks and we would just LOVE your prayers for him and for us as we start a new chapter of family life; especially in the coming months.

As you’ll understand, we can’t share any more information about him (at least for now). Sorry! But this is a kind of birth announcement.  We know there’s all sort of hurdles ahead, but we are so thankful to God for the gift of this wee boy and for bringing us through the process so far. And most of all, for adopting all of us into His family!

Thanks for all your love and encouragement and support.  We are very grateful!







8 thoughts on “Some news – and prayers please!

  1. It’s been far too long – we must catch up soon – but just wanted to say how thrilled I am for you all! God is so faithful.

  2. This is such happy news! Congratulations! Adoption is a tough calling but, three years on, we wouldn’t have things any other way. God is teaching me grace and patience and unconditional love and He will equip you all with everything you need too! Much love xx

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