Blessed are the mentally ill because…

…in our weakness we can learn certain strengths:

  • humility: suddenly, the plug is pulled.  You’re not who you thought you were; and it hurts.  You can’t think yourself out of it or get your act together. But with it, a savage freedom; a letting go – because it’s been taken from you. And in your emptiness, a new understanding of grace. God does it all – He always did, but now you see it.
  • dependence: to survive, you must learn to ask for help and to lean on others.  It’s uncomfortable and exposing and you want to stay away – but you need community.  As you receive from them, you see that they are like you and you belong with them. And as you are accepted, your shame finally starts to recede.
  • the beauty of Jesus.  When things were fine, He was a lovely add-on.  Now, He’s everything.
  • self-knowledge: what makes you stressed, but also what brings you joy. What really matters; what you can live without. The things that are worst about you, and the ways you reflect an incredible God.  Different spectacles that change the way you see your life. Trusted friends, pastors, counsellors who can shine a light on what was previously just black. God’s word that takes off the veil.
  • gratitude for the small things.  In the past you craved mountain tops and giddy triumphs.  Now, it’s the small wins that are huge. Perhaps you’re low and anxious –  perhaps there’s two mins in a week where you see or feel something that brings you joy.  But you’re grateful for those minutes.  You hang on to them.  And you learn to live in the in-between.
  • perseverance.  You keep going, when everything in you says stop.  And the more you do it, the more you learn that you can do it.  1000 tiny steps, instead of one big leap – but you will reach your goal.


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2 thoughts on “Blessed are the mentally ill because…

  1. Emma, Thankyou so much for your wonderful words. They have encapsulated exactly how I feel in my heart about my Bipolar Disorder since reaching out to God and relying on his awesome power and never ending love to pull me through, out of the darkness and into the light. God bless you.

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