Do You Even KNOW Me?

Been reading about a website where you go to sell gifts from (ex) loved ones.  No,  don’t get all judgemental on me.  We’ve all been there – cooing fondly over pressies that seemed so cute in the fog of romance, but quickly turn to tack in the cold light of break-up.  A mountain of mugs, mix tapes, soap-on-a-ropes and Christmas jumpers. ..liberated online to continue their happy cycle of misery and guilt.  It’s the circle of life my friends and it’s a beautiful thing.

Of course it’s the thought that counts.  But some should have stopped there.  Here’s a few of my You Really Shouldn’t Haves:

1. box set of star wars (don’t get me wrong. I loved it fifth, sixth and seventh time around.  But every boy I’ve ever met has wanted me to rediscover it with him.  And no woman can match up to bagel-buns)

2. baked-bean jigsaw. Because I’m too proud to call it a day even when it’s swallowed four years of my life.

3. anything nice that’s just slightly too small. (If it’s way too small, you can happily send it off to Oxfam.  But just a little tight and you’ll spend your life scratching and pulling at the fabric)

4. scented drawer liners.

5. a CD of  bird songs.

6. cactus.

7. hand-knitted gloves with 4 fingers

8. meg ryan box set (I HATE romcoms)

9. chicken pox (he said he wasn’t contagious)

10. wonderpants (does same job as the bra except for bum. Cheers for that)

How bout you?

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