Coming Out

My book – A New Name, is published a week today. It’s been a year in the writing and is my life story to date.

It’s the story of a girl with an eating disorder. And how she tried to make her life work.

It’s about what drives a person to starve themselves to death – as a teenager and then again as an adult.

It’s about wanting to fit in and wanting to stand out.

About  hungers that feel too big to be met. About having too little – but also too much.

It’s about a good girl who went bad.  The  body that became a grenade.  The family and marriage that were blown apart. The body that wouldn’t be touched.

It’s about a Christian who tried to save herself.   The search for life that ends in death.  The gods that fail and the one true Saviour.

It’s about the shape of recovery. The day-to-day business of learning to live.

It’s about how others can help. The hope that’s bigger than just weight gain or managing emotions.  The comfort that comes when all seems lost

Most of all, it’s about the God of two hundredth chances.

Next week I’ll be posting an extract and if you’re near Eastbourne, I’m having a little launch event here.

It’s officially released on 20th July but you can pre-order here for £6.39.

Please pray with me that this testimony will bless Christ’s church and point towards Him.

8 thoughts on “Coming Out

  1. Long awaited and much appreciated. Already know people who are waiting to read this. Well done. Thank you.

  2. Thanks very much Rich. And thanks for the Facebook share. Congratulations too on your marriage! Your photos look fab and she looks Lovely!

  3. Does that mean I have to travel all the way to the South Coast to get a signed copy??? It’ll cost more than the book. Hehe. Once I have money again I might have to branch out and buy a copy……..

    Well done on the book publication – hope it’s a good launch x

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  5. Great video – I’ll share it on Face Book. There are many ‘silent voices’ that aren’t heard – I’m sure this will help. HIs mercy heals, amidst the broken bones.

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