Come On In?

Back in the days when people still had dinner parties, I used to find them somewhat testing.  It was all my own fault.

For starters, I’d set myself a ridiculously complicated menu.  I’d then hunt down the ingredients and spend most of the day cooking myself into a state of hysteria. Next, I’d clean.  And I mean, CLEAN. I’d straighten the tea lights, hide the dodgy CDs, take the pants off the radiators and then melt into a puddle of exhaustion.   At which point the doorbell would ring and our guests would  arrive, selfishly expecting me to talk and be all like,  friendly.  But that’s not all.  They’d then eat my food, dirty the napkins and rumple the cushions I’d spent so long arranging.   Once someone put a CD back in the wrong case. I’m not even joking.

Paul speaks about the flesh and the Spirit. The flesh is our natural inclinations towards our own selfish desires. If I let these desires rule, then what looks like Social Interaction can be something very different.  Instead of reaching out to others, I draw back and hide behind routines. I shut the door to my home and I shut the door to my heart.





2 thoughts on “Come On In?

  1. Ouch! That has been all to true of me this last week – cooking for and feeding so many people – and hiding how I really feel. You made me think about how I hide behind cooking and cleaning and “doing” for others – all action and no stopping to listen or dare to open up.

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