Safety Belt

I don’t know what you’re facing right now. Whether this has been a good weekend or a really tough one. Whether you’re feeling encouraged – or tired and weak.

But I do know this: the Lord is good. Those who trust in Him will never be disappointed.

So as we gird up for the week ahead, here’s a reminder of Who it is who goes ahead of us:


(From Nehemiah 9)..


I alone am the Lord

I give you life

By day I lead you

and by night I give you light.

I give you heavenly bread for your hunger

I give you water for your thirst.

I forgive you

I give you grace and compassion

I am slow to get angry with you

I lavish my abundant love upon you.


I hear you

I deliver you

I rescue you


I will not desert you.

I will never abandon you.


I guide you

and I show you the way to take


I give you my Spirit to teach you

I sustain you so you lack nothing.



4 thoughts on “Safety Belt

  1. Thanks, Emma. Looking at the possibility of starting a new photography business tomorrow, so really ‘plunging into the depths’. I’d value your prayers.

  2. Thanks, Emma. The meeting went really well, and we’re taking the next step – putting together a ‘shop front’ website over the next month. It’s going to be an interesting experience! I’ll keep you posted.

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